Tuesday, 20 April 2010


From the certain point street art is very close medium for alternative comics genres. Both are "struggling" for "place on earth". Both are problematic also in economical sence to produce. Both are dealing with topic of freedom of speech. Their purpose is to spread and deliver ideas. "rise and shine" not to bring profit.                     Maybe they are combinable?. What if stencil art could be used for delivering comics and opposite, the comic form of stencil art would catch more attention to this medium?
On the opening of I Comic Biennial 2 streetartists were invited to make their stencil comic on the gallery walls.

On the opening of Comic Biennial was made:

stencil-comic by Artur Vincent Kerge, which is also 
identity-symbol of whole Bienniale:

Stencil-comic by Oliver Kuusmann:


For the next event, Comic Biennial 2012, we are preparing special curator exhibition of stencil comics and comics in streetart. Anyone, interested in participating, you are welcome to apply your work: oliver.kuusmann at gmail.com

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