Wednesday, 21 April 2010

thankyou for guests for joining on opening

I would like to thank you all guests who managed to come on event:

Ülle Marie Kalda (Bulls Press)
Nikolai Nortov, Sergei Trofimov (Den za Dnjom)
Latvian Embassador: Kārlis Eihenbaums, Latvian comic artists:Sanita Muizniece, Ingrida Pikucane.

guests behalf of Dutch Embassy: Merel Rolf, Martin Smith, Kaire Lehtorg,

Mari Laaniste, (the main theoretician in local field of comic.)

Andreas Trossek, (Editor, critic of comic)

Joskaude Pakalkaite (Lithuanian comic artist, squatter of London, having her own Comic label: "Comixally incorrect")

Ekaterina Dresvyanina (Organiser of St. Peterburgs comic festival "Boomfest"),

David Schilter (editor of Latvian comic magazine "kuš!"),

Joonas Sildre (comic-curator)

2 guests could not come because of flight problems: Dmitry Yakovlev from Boomfest, st. Peterburg and Avantia Damberg from Netherands.

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